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Porto, Porto

One of our signature project is the Porto Riverside Buildings. We help our clients to complete the deal of 4 unique buildings over 2M euro in the historic river front historic area Porto downtown where has the spectacular views of Douro River. Our Clients are also eligible to apply the Golden Visa and the buildings are planned to be a boutique hotel for running business.  


Dwontown, Lisbon

Franchise program is a very popular option for applying Entrepreneur visa in Portugal. We provide a full ranged  franchise scheme for our clients to invest. Clients could choose to operate his own business with full support by the franchise company or you could invest as a partner to have share profits.


Setubal, Setubal

Setubal is also one of our main project development locations. We have numerous of refurbishment projects located in this area, which are eligible to invest and apply for the 350K Golden Visa scheme. And 4 years after till now, most of our clients enjoy almost 50% increase of their property value. Not long in the future, this area would be emphasis on more tourism development and short-term accommodation. ​


Quelez, Setubal

Another type of project we focus on is the housing accommodation. In the area of Queluz, we have 3 development projects offering more 30 T2-T3 apartments to the local family and the expats. Our client not long can choose to stay here as a long term staying but also can rent it out to receive a stable income as the location and neighborhood is very competitive. 

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